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Sensei Bob Mooney

About our dojo

Wado Ryu uses the force of the attacker against him (or her…), combining kicks and punches from Okinawa karate with the soft yielding techniques, joint locks, and throwing techniques of jujutsu. The name wado has two parts: ‘wa’ and ‘do’. ‘Wa’ is a word that means something like ‘harmony’ or ‘peace’. Harmony is found when the defender moves in accord with the attacker. Harmony is also found in moving in accordance with the forces of nature. At the same time ‘wa’ can refer to ‘Japan’, to indicate wado is a Japanese style of karate. The ‘do’ part of wado can be translated as ‘way’. So wado means ‘the way of harmony’. If you’d like to learn more come join. Overall, Karate will improve your focus, strength and balance while helping you de-stress and deepen your martial arts knowledge.

Dojo NameGuseikai Karate Vancouver
City Burnaby BC
Chief InstructorSensei Bob Mooney
Dojo Website
Main dojo addressWillingdon Community Centre 1491 Carleton Avenue, Burnaby
Sessions (fall, winter spring, summer)Full-time
Days/times at main dojo address1930-2100 hrs Monday January-June; 1930-2100 Monday/Friday July-August; 1930-2100 Monday September-December
Secondary LocationKitchener Elementary School 1351 Gilmore Avenue, Burnaby
Days/Times or services at secondary dojo location1930-2100 Wednesday September-December; 1930-2100 January-June
Range of students acceptedAll ranks up to 2nd Dan and ages over 10, some under 10 accepted after screening.
Speciality training available?Bob facilitates, schedules and trains with the TSYR Study Group Vancouver.
Other speciality trainingRyuku Kobudo

Chief instructor Credentials

JKF WADO KAI Dan rank 3rd Dan
Other style Dan rank Ryukyu Kobudo Shimbukan
Years Teaching Wado Kai karate as of 20198+
Years practicing Wado Kai Karate as of 201919+
Most influential teacher Norma Foster, Toru Arakawa, Hideho Takagi
Other related qualifications (e.g. provincial team coach Karate BC regional kata and kumite judge under the auspices of Karate BC
NCCP certification NCCP 1
Member of Provincial Sport Organization Yes
Current police and Vulnerable Sector Checks (date and agency providing check) Yes – Coquitlam RCMP

Other principal instructors

Fuji Mooney – Nidan Shane Atienza – Shodan 2nd Dan
Shane Atienza1st Dan

Principal Instructor Biography

Bob has trained with Norma Foster, Nanadan (7th degree black belt) since 2000, attaining the rank of Sandan (3rd degree black belt). Additionally, he holds a level 1 NCCP coaches’ certification with part B theory of competition and is a licensed Karate BC regional kata and kumite judge under the auspices of Karate BC. Bob holds memberships in the Canadian Zenkuren Wado Kai Association which is the Canadian headquarters of the Japan Karate Federation Wadokai (JKF Wadokai), Karate Canada, Karate BC and Ryukyu Kobudo Shimbukan. In addition to his training in karate, Bob trains traditional Okinawan weapons with William Cheung at Dunbar Community Centre in Vancouver and is ranked Sandan (3rd degree black belt) in Ryukyu Kobudo Shimbukan under Hiroshi Akamine and trains Eishin Ryu Iaido with Farshad Ardestani at Aikido Yoshinkai located in Burnaby. Bob facilitates, schedules and trains with the TSYR Study Group Vancouver. Bob is the owner of Guseikai Karate Vancouver and has been training kids, teens and adults in Burnaby since 2011 and provides basic karate and martial arts physical movement training as part of school outreach programs offered by Nikkei National Museum and Cultural Centre and since 2012 teaches the Karate recreation program at Simon Fraser University (SFU) located at the Burnaby campus.