One membership policy of Canadian JKF Wado Kai (CZWKA) is that all club instructors aged 16 years and older, including assistants who are engaged in teaching children and adults, are required to undergo Criminal Records (CRC) and Vulnerable Sector Checks (VSC) every three years. The provincial or regional RCMP/local police can usually email this for you to the requesting organization, CZWKA, attention the membership director: Suzanne Jean .

Since this is a mandated Karate Canada requirement imposed on the provincial sport organizations (PSO) for all sports including karate, most club instructors should already be filing these checks regularly. Copies of current checks already filed with PSO will be accepted.

If you have not already done so, here is how to obtain your CRC and VRC. Should you have any further questions, please contact the CZWKA membership director.

  • Contact a local RCMP detachment or website for application forms. Larger police departments usually have these forms on line.
  • Contact the CZWKA membership director for a letter of request for signature and bring this together with completed RCMP (or other police agency) check forms to the police station.
  • The RCMP/police office will contact you when the checks are ready for pickup. Please ask the RCMP/police office staff to email a copy to the membership director when you collect then.
  • Chief Instructors who have not submitted completed CRC and VSC to the membership director by March 31 of the appropriate year will be subject to penalties, including, but not limited to a fine and/or immediate suspension from CZWKA.
  • New clubs: Chief and other instructors of new clubs must complete a Criminal Records Check before an application can be accepted.